Our church has multiple campuses-do we need more than one account?

If you are a multi-site church, and each campus has its own operating budget, we would encourage each campus to have its own account. The advantages of having a different account for each campus are:

  • the ability to customize/define ministry age groups for your specific campus
  • the ability to send campus-specific notifications within the app 
  • the ability to customize teaching content for your specific campus
  • the ability for parents to select your specific campus when setting up their app 

If you’re hesitant to create multiple accounts because of the cost, we do provide a multi-site discount. Contact PartnerSupport@thinkorange.com for a special code that you can use for additional campuses. 

Here’s the reality—you can also have one single account and encourage parents to select one campus when setting up the app. There’s just more potential for confusion for both parents (and small group leaders if you customize the Lead Small app) if each campus is doing things a little differently.