What can I actually customize?

Weekly Content: You can change/edit the text in many of the fields with a few exceptions—the “times” cues, the Parent Cue links, and ads. 

Church Landing Page: You can create a Church Landing Page where you can add links to your church’s website, social media channels, and online giving. You’ll also be able to send news through notifications to parents connected to your church and add upcoming events with clickable registration or information links.

Start Days: You can change the publish date for your content. So if your Middle School or High School group meets on Wednesdays and your preschool and children’s ministries meet on Sundays, you can go into the Settings menu and change the start date for each age group.

Define Your Own Age Groups: As you add ministry info to the app, you can define what age groups that ministry covers. And, you also will have the option to define which age groups receive what content.